How an Interior Designer Uses LED Stone Backlighting

Any interior designer will tell you that when creating the atmosphere of a space, choosing the right lighting to highlight your focal points is absolutely key! See how award-winning firm Nadia Designs joined forces with ImagiLux to take an incredible modern fireplace and make it shine.

 “Great Interior Design, is a symphony of elements. Each carefully crafted and orchestrated. Harmony is achieved with the balance and combination of those elements.”                                                    -Nadia Elgrably McMahon, Allied ASID

“Great Interior Design, is a symphony of elements. Each carefully crafted and orchestrated. Harmony is achieved with the balance and combination of those elements.”                                                    -Nadia Elgrably McMahon, Allied ASID


Please tell us a little about yourself (your name, job description, experience, etc.)

My name is Nadia Elgrably, and I’ve lived and practiced interior design in Southern California for the last twenty-two years. I have worked on a range of residential and commercial projects, and my specialties include visionary design, planning, execution, scheduling, and budget management. My work requires me to cultivate and work closely with contractors, architects, and tradespeople to oversee projects from planning through completion. I hold degrees in Business and Interior Design, and I am an Allied member and former chapter leader of the American Society of Interior Designers.

What keeps you in the world of interior design?

I have a passion for Interior Design, specializing in design, build, and furnish. I love creating harmony between all of the many elements that combine to create the atmosphere and impact of a space.

What was your role in creating this project?

I was the Interior Designer and Project Manager.

What was your original vision for this project?

My primary goal in this project was to make the fireplace the focal point of this already beautiful, bright, and airy living room using Concetto -8531 Blue Agate.

Working with ImagiLux

Had you used LED panels in the past? Where did the idea and inspiration come from?

When we took this project on, we had already been integrating LED lights into our projects for a few years. I had also incorporated backlit onyx into many designs, but I had never commissioned a totally custom LED backlit installation before. I was looking for the ability to customize the size and shape of the panels within a framework that would support the weight of a vertical installation. The slab was custom sized to ensure we had a minimum of seams, and we also wanted to make sure the light distribution was as even as possible to show off this seamlessness. The contractor at the time suggested a metal grid be constructed with LED lights placed on the grid. He was not clear how to support the stone.

How do your customers typically respond when you suggest integrating LEDs in designs?

My clients and I felt extremely comfortable using the LED panels. They arrived on time, and perfectly produced to our template. It was a simple process to install.

Why did you choose to work with ImagiLux?

The plan the contractor presented to me was extremely costly, and still left a lot of questions unanswered. So, I decided to do my own research about custom LED installation research. In the process, I saw a YouTube clip about ImagiLux and its panels. I called and spoke to a customer service representative who gave me excellent information about potential solutions for my design challenge. Excited, I designed and sent templates of our fireplace. Shortly afterward, I received a quote for the job and instructions for the rough build-out.

The Final Product

How did ImagiLux help you achieve your original vision?

The ImagiLux LED panels are lightweight and connect together seamlessly. I like the illumination control and the elimination of the hot spots, which show off  the amazing agate frontpiece to its best possible effect. The vertical wood panels on each side of the fireplace are removable for quick accessibility, and the whole project was planned and constructed with a smooth integration of form and function in mind.

What was your response to the final project? What was the response you received from the owner of this project when it was finished?

My clients are thrilled with their home, and especially the fireplace! It is a stunning combination of functional light source and work of art.


Nadia Elgrably McMahon is highly regarded for her innovative use of space, light, color and textures, combined with functionality and technical savvy. Nadia Designs has received numerous awards and accolades, including Houzz Best of Design. Located in Manhattan Beach, CA, Nadia Designs has been providing clients, comfort, beauty, and style since 2008. The firm's dynamic fusion of West Coast flair with a classic twist offers a unique approach that translates into one of a kind, timeless interiors.