LED Technology: An Eco-Friendly Lighting

LEDs consume up to 90% less power and use only a fraction of the energy of incandescent light bulbs, making them an energy-efficient lighting solution. The average LED has a rated life of up to 50,000 hours, making it the most power-saving and intelligent solution for illumination. Used 12 hours a day, a typical LED bulb will last more than 11 years!


Today, LED technology is firmly established as a energy efficient lighting option. Typical power consumption is less than one-quarter of a watt per LED—a dramatic reduction in energy in any traditional backlighting scenario relying on fluorescent tubes. With 50,000 hours of usable lifespan, and a 3-year warranty, the man-hour savings from reduced maintenance is also significant.

The edge-lit LED technology isn’t new—yet it’s still underutilized. However, as awareness grows, it is rapidly making inroads and will soon be the the standard in new construction and renovations. This only makes sense, as it’s difficult to find a more versatile light source for backlighting—one that clearly saves time, money and energy fairly rapidly.

As businesses look ahead with the intention of making improvements in efficiency and environmental impact, new LED panel technology stands out sharply as a wise option. Especially for any business that is concerned with presenting its brand in the best light possible.

Michelle Hyland