The remarkably versatile LED panel. 

Product Details

Custom Options

Size: Almost any shape - Minimum: 3.5″ L x 3″ W; Maximum: 120″ L x 60″ W

Adjustability: Dimmer control compatible

Power Supply: Hard-wire or DC Standard Barrel Jack

Power Tail: Length: 72″- 120″ - Customizable exit location

RGB: Obtain any color in the visible spectrum

    Color Temperature:

    • Warm White (3000K)
    • Soft White (4000K)
    • Natural White (5700K)
    • Cool White (6500K)


    Thickness: 0.375″
    Input Voltage: 24 VDC
    Power Consumption: 0.24 W / LED
    Typical CRI: 85 (minimum 80)
    Non-Condensing Temperature Range: -30°C to 50°C
    Warranty: 3-year Limited Product
    UL-Recognized Component

    For more details, download our spec sheet.


    Product Spec Sheet


    When should I use a diffuser?
    We recommend using a diffuser when the material being backlit is fairly translucent or has areas where you can see through. You may also want to use a diffuser to protect the light panel from scratches that may cause hotspots.

    Can I drill holes in the panels after I get them?
    We recommend that drilling happens during the assembly process. Drilling after you receive your panels will void the warranty, so please let us know beforehand if you expect your panels will need holes. 

    What is your lead time?
    Most orders ship 7 to 10 business days after we’ve received customer approval and payment. 

    Do you provide the power supplies / ballasts / transformers / dimmers?
    Yes. We offer an extensive line of both dimming and non-dimming power supplies to fit your application. We can supply both hard-wired (installed by an electrician) and plug-in (simply plug it into an outlet) options. 


    imagilux-HWPS-xxx-DIM hookup.jpg

    HWPS-xxx-DIM  Hookup


    DIM6A Hookup


    PS-HWDCDIM2 Hookup


    PS-DIM4A Hookup


    PS-HWDCDIM Hookup


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