Backlight stained glass with custom LED panels.


Made in the USA

We're located in Eugene, Oregon — the same place we design, cut, and assemble your custom LED panels.

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Custom LED Panels

Made to nearly any shape and size, our LED panels illuminate your stained glass with even, elegant light, giving you the freedom to display your art almost anywhere.

Personalized Service

We offer years of combined design, engineering, and customer service experience to provide you with the best solution, from start to stunning finish.

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Our firm recently employed ImagiLux to build us multiple light panels...all of them a custom size, a custom shape and a specific light value... and all of the on a tight schedule and an established budget.
— Scott Pagenkopf (USA)
I was charged with designing and managing the sanctuary renovation of the Or Olam Synagogue in Manhattan, including its visual focal point: a large, custom-made stained glass window...ImagiLux created custom LED backlighting and shipped it to Brooklyn in a timely fashion. The quality of the lights is perfect. They also maintained a dialogue with the electrician in charge of connecting the lights...My clients are amazed by the effect that the light creates! I look forward to creating more glass projects with ImagiLux in the future.
— Alex Gruss of Studio Gruss (USA)
ImagiLux helped my firm create [an installation] that is a stunning combination of functional light source and work of art ... the whole project was planned and constructed with a smooth integration of form and function in mind ... My clients are thrilled!
— Nadia Elgrably, Nadia Designs